Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Many of you don't know this but God blessed me with a new car last week! I'd like to tell ya a great story that really encouraged me and melted my heart.

2 weeks ago my dad took my old car in to be fixed so I would be able to sell it easier. Our great mechanic, John, at Protech suggested that we lower the price a little. He said doing so would guarantee a quick sale. So my dad cleaned it up and my brother put it on Craigslist. That Sunday my dad found a great car at a car lot that would go quickly if we didn't act on it soon. So we needed my car to sell. That same Sunday, we received two emails of people that were interested in my old car. My car was to be looked at by two possible buyers that Monday night. I went to work hoping and praying that my car would sell. I asked my kids in the Rec. Room if they would pray that my car would sell too, half joking and half serious. That night my car sold to the cute couple from Grand Rapids. One of my kids, named Marquan, came in the next day and said with a big smile on his face, "Did your car sell? I prayed for it to." I told him it did. The big thing is this child was a 14 year old boy whom I have had to kick out of the Rec. Room about 6 times for his behavior. I thought nothing could get through to this kid. But the Lord can. And I really shouldn't doubt Him anymore because He pricks the hearts that no person can. I took a picture of Marquan standing next to my new car. I am going to make a copy of that picture and give it to him with the words "Prayer Works!" on it so he can remember that it does work! I would appreciate it if you would pray for him when you think about it. He is at the crucial age where he could choose to make a great life for himself or follow the streets that have stolen so many of the youth I see daily.


Tiffany said...

That's soo cool Kait! It's so true God can get through the people we've long since given up on. I forget that a lot. Thanks for the reminder :)

Oohh..and welcome to blog world :) haha

Sara said...

kait, this is good!!!!